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日本での指揮はシドニーでも焙煎士を勤めていた、QグレイダーでもあるYu Yamamoto(山本酉)がとります。シドニーのSingle Oスタッフも頻繁に出入りしますが、コーヒーバイヤーのWendy De Jong(ウェンディ デ ヨン)は東京のロースタリーで皆さんにお目見えする機会が多いかも知れません。
Our UG22 Probat roaster is in place, our coffee line up is all systems go, the stars have aligned & we’re off & roasting in Tokyo. What led to this point? Well that’s a thirteen-year old story that has its origins in Surry Hills, Sydney, & if you’d like more on that, click here.

Back to Tokyo now, where we’re stoked to have started roasting for some coffee-passionate folk over here.

Our small Tokyo roastery is one sweet set up housing our refurbished UG22Probat roaster & production, along with our cupping & training site. Our precious green features the makings of our house blend, along with rare single origin coffees. Some all-time favourites in this cut!

Leading the Japan charge is Yu Yamamoto, licensed Q Grader & our roaster of many years in Sydney. A steady stream of Single O visitors including Coffee Buyer Wendy De Jong can also be found popping up in our roastery.